Burrito Bowls (The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing, Make-Ahead, Freezer-Friendly Party Meal – Part 2).

Burrito bowls are the ultimate crowd-pleasing, make-ahead, freezer-friendly party meal!

If you read Part 1, then you know that crispy, rich, tasty pork carnitas are a key component to The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing, Make-Ahead, Freezer-Friendly Party Meal. This post is devoted to the rest of it – the elements that make a meal that can satisfy just about anyone’s tastes and dietary preferences. You are channeling Chipotle, and you’re going to make a lot of tummies very happy.

serving carnitas for a burrito bowlThat’s gonna be a good burrito bowl!

1. The Rice. I always use brown rice…because I like it, and it’s good for you. And I always cook it in the oven.

brown rice for burrito bowls

2. The Fajita Veggies. I like a ratio of one really big onion to two medium bell peppers – preferably different colors to keep things exciting. Heat up a little oil in a big skillet, and start the onions first for a couple minutes. Add a little salt and pepper and the peppers, and continue to cook until the veggies are crisp-tender (or longer if you like them a little more well-done!). For a more hands-off approach, you can also easily roast them in the oven.

fajita veggies for burrito bowls

3. The Beans. I typically use black beans, but pinto beans are good, too. I’d like to explore the world of cooking dry beans, but in this situation I open a can and drain off just a little of the liquid. They get heated up in a pot with some dashes of ground cumin, chili powder, and garlic powder.

seasoned black beans for burrito bowls

4. The Crispy Corn. I always think about skipping the crispy corn, but then at the last minute decide to make it! Heat up a little oil in a skillet, add frozen corn and salt, and stir around for several minutes until it begins to caramelize. Yum. You could also just warm up corn in the microwave, or serve a corn salsa option!

crispy corn for burrito bowls

5. The Garnishes. Lettuce (chop up a bunch in case some people want to make a salad rather than a rice bowl), shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole or chopped avocado, lime wedges, cilantro…self-explanatory, yes?

6. The Tortilla Option. We’ve eaten the carnitas as soft tacos and burritos before, but I love the rice bowl format since for me, the tortilla kind of masks some of the crispy perfection of the carnitas. But I like to offer them if we’re feeding a crowd, especially one with kids.

…So whether you’re serving a crowd and you don’t want anyone to feel weird for being gluten-free or vegetarian or paleo or lactose intolerant or absolutely opposed to green cilantro flecks in their bowl of rice, thankyouverymuchMommy…

…Or you’re delivering dinner to a friend and need something that reheats well and isn’t the traditional casserole…

burrito bowls to go

…Or you’re having a potluck, and you want to provide the main dish and use a website like PerfectPotluck.com to create a sign-up sheet for the sides and toppings…

…this is The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing Make-Ahead Freezer-Friendly Party Meal! Yum.

Burrito bowls made with carnitas are great for a crowd, especially with rice, fajita veggies, beans, crispy corn, and avocado.


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  1. I happily partook of the pictured burrito bowls! So very delicious!! I’m ready to “help” with the next meal photo shoot!

    1. Trust me, your help of all kinds is always appreciated!! 🙂

  2. This is being eaten for supper at my house tonight! So excited because I totally bought my 7.5 Q Le Creuset pot at Christmas just for this! 🙂

    1. Yum!! Are you loving that pot?? I use mine at least once a week!!

  3. Bet – that pork is the most amazing yumminess EVER! I will be cooking this regularly.

    Could you do more Dutch oven options? I used my pot a ton in the winter for soups, but don’t have much experience with the stove to oven recipes. Although, I made your shepherds pie a couple of weeks ago, which I will now be making in my new deep dish 3.75 q (SALE!). You should feature it because it’s so yummy. I found it in my recipe box from my bridal shower – haha – #win. 🙂

    1. Hey lady! Yes, I need to experiment with some more braising recipes because the pork is pretty magical! ;o) I’ll have to put the shepherd’s pie on my list, glad you guys enjoyed it!! I have some leftover pork in my freezer and I’m going to have to pull it out this week because now I’m craving it! ;o)

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