21 Day Fix Meal Plan & Shopping Lists

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Happy New Year, friends! I’ve been working on this project and I’m so excited to be able to share it with you. I’ll post a recipe soon, but today I have a meal plan for ya…a 21 Day Fix Meal Plan!

When you’re making changes to your eating habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle, planning is such a huge (and time consuming) component. There have been many (many, many) times where I inwardly resolve to “eat better tomorrow” without actually making a plan…and then “tomorrow” offers pitfalls like, for example, being starving after church in the presence of the little donut holes for the kids (they’re for the kids! I know they’re for the kids! gosh!), or arriving home from the grocery store with healthy foods but no specific plan on what to actually eat for dinner. Same goes for working out – I’m much more likely to squeeze in a workout if I have it on my calendar and I know exactly what I’m going to do. (In my pre-kid life I used to wonder why people didn’t work out regularly. Uh, the joke’s on me these days! Did I mention I worked at a gym? Hahaha..ha.) Continue reading “21 Day Fix Meal Plan & Shopping Lists”

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Six Weeks to a Stocked Freezer.

Instead of a marathon cooking day, take a more gradual approach to freezer meals by doubling your favorite recipes and stocking your freezer in six weeks!

Are you into freezer meals? Maybe you’ve seen that pin on Pinterest about how to make 30 meals in 30 minutes for $30 (or something only slightly less crazy sounding)? This is not that post – but I do think freezer meals are wonderful, delicious presents you give your future self. Future Self, you seem stressed. You look like you’re about to roll up to the drive-thru (again) or feed everyone pinto beans + croutons + raisins, aka the pitiful contents of your pantry. Here: this is an Actual Meal you can have instead. I don’t mind a thrown-together dinner every so often, and I really, really like takeout…but I don’t like to eat that way for days on end. Eating a real meal with my family is something I love, and stocking my freezer helps me have that luxury even during crazy, busy seasons! Continue reading “Six Weeks to a Stocked Freezer.”

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8 Creative Ways to Use 5-Minute Basil Pesto.

So clearly I’m really hoping you made some five minute basil pesto, because I have some serious pesto inspiration for you today. My last batch ended up stirred into pasta with some sweet cherry tomatoes, and we had enough left to slather it on a pizza with mozzarella cheese and big tomato slices… Continue reading “8 Creative Ways to Use 5-Minute Basil Pesto.”

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You guys. I think I may be late to the party here, but are you using Yummly? If you like to try new recipes, keep your online recipes organized, or even if you just sometimes realize it’s dinner time and you’ve put off that grocery store trip one day too many, you will LOVE it! It’s a little like Pinterest, but just for recipes, and it has some amazing search functionality and features. Plus, the app is amazing if you want to use it on a phone or tablet! Continue reading “Yummly.”

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4 Dinner Ideas That Do Not Involve Turkey.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and Thanksgiving dinner is probably my favorite meal of the year. And I love eating the leftovers again on Friday, and even the next day. And I always appreciate recipes that help you use up your leftovers in creative ways, but at some point, I’m just done with turkey/potatoes/gravy and I’m ready for something Other. Here are a few ideas to help you break free from turkey tyranny!

1.// Eat anything with RED SAUCE.

hearty, meaty, tomato-y spaghetti sauce on whole-wheat pasta Continue reading “4 Dinner Ideas That Do Not Involve Turkey.”

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Meal Plan of the Month #4 – April.

Happy April…32nd! Welcome to the time of year when fresh, sweet, crisp corn on the cob replaces sweet potatoes as my favorite it’s-a-veggie-not-a-starch side dish. I cook it for 5-6 minutes in boiling water, and have a stick of butter on the table to roll the ears on. It’s The Easiest and sooo goooood. In addition to these meals, we had leftovers, dinner with my in-laws, and a birthday party! So yes, I only cooked 4 meals in 7 days. #winning Continue reading “Meal Plan of the Month #4 – April.”

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Meal Plan of the Month #3 – March.

How much do you love my menu planner from Rachel Mahan Designs? I finally have it up on the wall! Thanks, Rachel!

This week I employed a favorite meal-planning strategy – grilling once for two meals! We also had soup twice since Jay was home for lunch a couple of days and it’s nice to have those easy leftovers around. Continue reading “Meal Plan of the Month #3 – March.”

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