French Toast.

A french toast recipe that takes really simple ingredients and makes them all shine for a perfect breakfast treat.

As much as I love pancakes…and was just this month yammering on about waffles…French toast is my favorite. The inside turns soft and almost custardy, while the crust of the bread gives each bite some structure and chew. But the best part is that golden, buttery-caramelized surface with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla! Continue reading “French Toast.”

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Shortcut Burrito Bowls.

Shortcut burrito bowls are great for busy weeknights, since they can be on the table in minutes thanks to some easy time-savers!

I really wanted to name these “shorty-shorty-shortcut burrito bowls” or something that more eloquently celebrates how many corners you can cut and still have a really good, healthy dinner. We’re trying to plan ahead for quality family time since Jay’s schedule gets a little crazy this time of year, and we decided that Wednesdays we’ll do an easy, early dinner and the beach. This was the perfect meal to get us out the door in record time! (Okay, that’s a lie, it still took us 100 years to get out the door, but that wasn’t dinner’s fault. It was more the putting on of suits and changing of diapers and forgetting of sunglasses and searching for flip-flops and general disorganized corralling of excited kids. Maybe I need some sort of sheepdog to help with this process?) Continue reading “Shortcut Burrito Bowls.”

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Simple Basil Marinara Sauce.

This simple basil marinara has just a few ingredients, takes about 20 minutes to make, and is the perfect thing to stash in the freezer!

I’m successfully growing basil! (By this I mean I haven’t killed the lone basil plant I bought a few weeks ago. Because my mom waters it for me.) I needed to cut it back a bit, and it was the perfect excuse to make a batch of this simple basil marinara sauce. It’s just a few ingredients, it only takes about 20 minutes, and it’s the perfect thing to stash in the freezer if you don’t need it right away. It’s got a good garlicky kick without being overwhelming, sweetness and acidity from the tomatoes, and that irreplaceable bright, green basil flavor. Continue reading “Simple Basil Marinara Sauce.”

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Quick & Easy Pan-Seared Chicken.

This quick and easy pan-seared chicken takes less than 15 minutes from fridge to plate. It's juicy, with a salty-seared exterior, and endlessly versatile!

I’m a meal planner, but I’ve tried and failed to be a meal prepper – taking a chunk of time on the weekend to chop veggies, cook a couple things, and set myself up for success during the week. (If you want to be inspired to do this, check out Shutterbean’s meal prep posts.) Mostly if I have a chunk of time on the weekend, I like to do something lazy and/or selfish. ;o) I’ve been loving having citrus kale salad components ready to go, though, and the idea of having some other healthy things available is super appealing. Continue reading “Quick & Easy Pan-Seared Chicken.”

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Bacon Grilled Cheese.

Bacon grilled cheese is a faster than fast food meal that makes an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich extra special!

My Nana (you know her – potato soup, spaghetti sauce, and gingersnaps, to name a few) has a few stories that I’ve heard her tell lots of times, but they never get old. One of them is the tale of ordering BLTs at a restaurant. She and her lunch companions asked for the bacon to be extra crispy, and when the BLTs came out, they were perfect. They thanked the waitress and told her the bacon had come out just right, so crisp – and she replied, “Oh, yeah, I just told the kitchen to kill it.” Then Nana makes a little mock-miffed face, like, hmph! Well! And then she chuckles her Nana chuckle. And I just love it. And that’s how I like my bacon, too. Kill it. Continue reading “Bacon Grilled Cheese.”

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Chicken Caesar Wraps.

Chicken Caesar Wrap

**This Faster-than-Fast-Food post brought to you by my sister, Laurie!**

When I was in college, one of my favorite meals from our little food court (affectionately knows as the Furman P-Den) was chicken caesar wraps. I haven’t thought of them in years, but all of a sudden last night I was consumed with the need to eat one again. Continue reading “Chicken Caesar Wraps.”

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Homemade Spaghettios.

Awhile ago, I made a recipe category for “faster-than-fast-food” meals, and promised that I was going to fill ‘er up. As it turns out, I might’ve made things a little too strict (shock-er, I know) with all the must-start-from-scratch and dishes-count-as-time-spent rules. Homemade spaghettios might break that rule, but it’s BARELY more clean-up than a box of mac and cheese, and that HAS to fit the category, right?? Continue reading “Homemade Spaghettios.”

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