Beef Vegetable Soup.

a large pot of beef vegetable soup with carrots, potatoes, green beans, peas, and corn

This is my mom’s beef vegetable soup recipe, and it’s The Best. It’s cozy and hearty, with tender beef and tons of vegetables. And you know how soups can be kind of same-y? I love all the different textures here, and that you can really taste the sweetness of the carrots and corn in the savory broth. I love making soup on a weekend so Jay and I can eat the leftovers for lunch the next week (this is one of those the-leftovers-are-even-better meals), but I also make it during the week since I can get it started in peace when my kids are napping and let it gently simmer until dinnertime. It’s also great if you only cook it long enough for the veggies to be tender! Continue reading “Beef Vegetable Soup.”

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Giada’s Meatball Stew.

We love a cookin’ show around here, as my 4-year-old calls them, and I saw the episode of “Giada at Home” where she makes her hearty meatball stew a few years ago on vacation. (There’s something magical about having access to cable TV on vacation, I’m just saying.) Even though it was summer and we were at the beach, I wanted a bowl of meatball stew something fierce. Continue reading “Giada’s Meatball Stew.”

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Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup (with crunchy baked tortilla strips).

a loaded bowl of crockpot chicken tortilla soup with crunchy baked tortilla strips

I’ve been wanting to add some more crockpot recipes to my repertoire…and according to the survey, that would help a lot of you, too! (Thank you so much for your feedback! If you haven’t responded yet, it would be a huge help!) To be honest, I tend to feel a little uninspired in my crockpotting. I haven’t found many recipes that I want to make over and over, which is my main barometer for a successful recipe.  (A notable exception is this bbq beef, which is delicious and only has three ingredients!) Continue reading “Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup (with crunchy baked tortilla strips).”

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Ham, Potato, & Corn Chowder.

ham potato and corn chowder

This is the soup that I promised to tell you about in my March meal plan. Whoopsies. It’s SO PERFECT for using your leftover Easter ham, though, right? ;o)

I may or may not still have leftover ham from Thanksgiving in my freezer. I realized a few weeks ago that I needed to be a little more proactive in using it up, so I pinned some ideas and came up with this recipe from two similar ones from Damn Delicious and Cooking Classy. We’ve had this ham, potato, and corn chowder twice now, and my three-year-old didn’t even pick anything out! A-mazing. Even my littlest girl had some of the potatoes on her tray. It’s rich-tasting and creamy (but not heavy), with hints of smokiness from the bacon and sweetness and texture from the corn – yum. Continue reading “Ham, Potato, & Corn Chowder.”

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Chicken Noodle Soup (Stocking the Freezer #2).

creamy chicken noodle soup

**Psst! I forgot a couple of things on my Christmas post – see the updated version here!**

Confession: I have yet to master the art of roasting a whole chicken. I feel pretty lame about it, since it’s one of my favorite meals! The last time I attempted it my chicken was undercooked, and kind of pink and slimy inside. Really gross and really sad. It’s hard to rescue dinner at that point, and I’ve been gun-shy ever since.

But you guys. I can boil the heck out of a chicken, and that’s what this recipe is all about. It’s also about having some cooked, shredded chicken in your freezer – which is a great starting point for so many meals!

Continue reading “Chicken Noodle Soup (Stocking the Freezer #2).”

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Split Pea Soup (with ham).

split pea soup with ham

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Oh, man. I get food-excited pretty often, but I have a special love for all the components of a Thanksgiving dinner. I love it so much that I usually want to have the same exact meal in the same exact proportions a second night. Also: open-faced turkey and gravy sandwiches. Also: all of the pie. Continue reading “Split Pea Soup (with ham).”

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Spicy Chicken Soup.

spicy chicken soup with beans, corn, and salsa

Some days, this sweet baby I have just doesn’t want to be put down. She’s perfectly content to hang out in my left arm while I attempt to do all the life tasks with my right. And with the exception of chopping vegetables and using a can opener, I made this chicken soup and documented it for you while hauling her around. You can trust me when I say this is easy! Continue reading “Spicy Chicken Soup.”

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