Homemade Applesauce.

Homemade applesauce is thick, naturally sweet, and intensely apple-y in a way that grainy, watery, artificially sweetened store-bought sauce can't compete with!

Homemade applesauce has become a hobby an addiction a passion of mine. Every few weeks I buy a 15 lb box of “scratch and dent” apples, and it sits on the counter for 3 days while I squirm and wish it didn’t exist. Why did I saddle myself with all these apples aGAIN? But then…I finally tackle it, and as I wash the apples their gleaming, shiny skins start improving my mood.
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Sweet Onion Dressing.

Sweet onion dressing has a mild, sweet onion flavor that goes perfectly with a fresh salad!

Salad is not exactly my love language, so you know when I say love a salad with this beautiful sweet onion dressing, it’s something to get excited about! Sweet with a little vinegary kick and a mellow onion taste, it’s perfect for drizzling on tender greens or crisp lettuce. It adds a ton of flavor without being heavy, and is a fresh, fun change of pace if you’re in a salad rut. I especially love it paired with savory toppings, like grilled chicken, toasted nuts, cheese, bacon (duh), or crispy fried onion strings (or…all of the above?)! Continue reading “Sweet Onion Dressing.”

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Pesto Pasta with Burst Tomatoes.

Quick and full of summer flavor, pesto pasta with burst tomatoes is easy and delicious.

The irony of this post is that it has taken me a Whole Lot Longer to find time (and, you know, 2 hands) to type it than it did to actually make and consume. Pesto pasta is a great summer meal since it’s ready in the time it takes to cook the noodles, which is a plus in my book (even when I’m not holding/wearing/feeding a newborn)! Continue reading “Pesto Pasta with Burst Tomatoes.”

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Crispy Cheesy Grilled Potatoes.

Crispy cheesy grilled potatoes are the ultimate summer side dish - plus, they're so easy!

If you’ve been a reader for long, you know that one of my main goals for summer dinners (besides binging on corn on the cob) is moving as much of the cooking outside to the grill as we can! I love any meat on the grill, and these grilled potatoes go with anything. They couldn’t be easier – and they’re crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and topped with melty cheese. SO GOOD. Continue reading “Crispy Cheesy Grilled Potatoes.”

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Citrus Kale Salad.

Citrus kale salad is full of delicious contrasts - tangy dressing, hearty kale, sweet juicy oranges, and crunchy almonds. It's salad heaven, and you can make prep the components ahead of time for salad all week!

This is the first salad recipe I’ve ever posted, and there’s a reason for that: I’m the sad, sad queen of letting bags of leafy greens turn to slime in my fridge, because salads don’t excite me enough to make the effort to, you know, put them in a bowl. Until now. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been eating citrus kale salad almost every day, because it’s wonderful and delicious and beautiful. Between the slight bitterness of the kale and a tangy dressing, the oranges taste extra sweet, and their juiciness is everything I never knew my salads were missing. Continue reading “Citrus Kale Salad.”

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Roasted Carrots.

It’s January, so let’s eat vegetables! Roasted carrots get such a sweet, concentrated flavor, and they go with anything. The prep only takes a few minutes, and carrots roast faster than, say, sweet potatoes, so you don’t have to plan ahead much for this one. Plus, I always have a bag of carrots in my fridge, since they keep forever (and we use them just about every day for salads carrots + peanut butter). Continue reading “Roasted Carrots.”

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The Best Oven Fries.

crispy crunchy oven fries

These aren’t just good-for-homemade oven fries. These are my favorite fries in all the land. They’re crispy and salty, thick but not stodgy…and you don’t have to peel the potatoes (which saves time and obviously pushes us to the right on the junk food<—–>health food continuum). Continue reading “The Best Oven Fries.”

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Rustic Tomato Bake.

bubbly, cheesy rustic tomato bake

One summer…a pre-kid summer…Jay and I joined a CSA and got a box of fresh summer produce each week. We were all giddy and idealistic at the beginning, but with just the two of us it got pretty overwhelming. We had tomatoes for days. We had a refrigerator shelf dedicated to eggplant. There were POUNDS of okra. I think at the time we would have been happier spending those dollars at the farmer’s market so we could have more variety (read: a lot less okra). With all that we’ve had going on lately, going to the farmer’s market has seemed less “romantic weekend activity” and more “one more errand.” I think the right CSA could lure me in again! Continue reading “Rustic Tomato Bake.”

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Baked Sweet Potatoes.

perfect baked sweet potato

It feels a little silly to post a “recipe” for baked sweet potatoes. Like – poke some holes and stick ’em in the oven pretty much sums up the whole process. But if you’ve ever had the discouraging experience of baking potatoes for a dang long time only to discover that they’re still hard as rocks when the rest of your dinner is ready, you can appreciate this post! Continue reading “Baked Sweet Potatoes.”

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