My Go-To Gifts for Girls Age 1 to 5.

a gift guide for girls age 1-5 with my go-to gifts - things my own girls have and love!

I’ve wanted to do a gift guide every year. I’ve successfully (“successfully”?) done it once – but hey, I still stand by my one-item gift guide of 2015!

This year, I’m focusing on my main area of expertise – gifts for girls! My daughters are 6, 3, and 1.5, and every item on this list instantly delighted my girls, is played with frequently, and has stood the test of time in terms of durability and quality. Woohoo! Continue reading “My Go-To Gifts for Girls Age 1 to 5.”

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Food for Thought #14: June & July.

1.// In an awesome head-in-the-sand, I-don’t-need-my-calendar-in-the-summer move, I just found out my oldest daughter starts kindergarten on August 15. In my head her first day was in September, and I kinda feel like I just got cheated out of 2 weeks of summer vacation! She’s over here dancing around the house in her backpack, though, so she’s thrilled. I guess she’s allowed to be this grown up?! Continue reading “Food for Thought #14: June & July.”

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Food for Thought #12: November.

1.// I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and you got to eat all your favorite Thanksgiving foods with your favorite people! I personally like to have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy all in one bite. A lot of times. :o)

2.// I accidentally missed my own anniversary – the blog turned 2 in October! Today’s post is my 145th since it all started in 2014. Thanks for coming along for another year of good food and welcoming family and friends to the table with it! Continue reading “Food for Thought #12: November.”

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Food for Thought #9: July.

1.// So, yes, it’s a bit more mid-August than end-of-July. July was kind of a blur, and included a week where Jay was out of town for work. I deserved two of those little ice cream cones each night he was gone, because reasons, and also they’re way easier to eat while pacing the downstairs wearing a baby in the carrier than a bowl of ice cream is. They’re from Trader Joe’s! Continue reading “Food for Thought #9: July.”

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She’s here! And she’s teeny (and makes my big girls seems SO big) and loud and she has sweet fuzzy hair and perfect lips and she concentrates really hard on a lot of things with dramatic eyebrows, and we all love her so much (the girls beg to hold her even when she’s screaming). We’re so thankful! I’m hoping to get back to regular-ish posts soon, but at least right now it feels like I will always feel crazily outnumbered and scattered. Here’s to the new normal and snuggly babies!


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