Food for Thought #14: June & July.

1.// In an awesome head-in-the-sand, I-don’t-need-my-calendar-in-the-summer move, I just found out my oldest daughter starts kindergarten on August 15. In my head her first day was in September, and I kinda feel like I just got cheated out of 2 weeks of summer vacation! She’s over here dancing around the house in her backpack, though, so she’s thrilled. I guess she’s allowed to be this grown up?!

2.// One of my very favorite sources for recipes is Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. #fangirl This summer we fell in love with her Monterey Chicken (it’s obviously awesome with the cheese + bacon + pico, but we’ve gone simple with just the marinade and it’s so good that way, too). And my middle daughter’s birthday is just a few days after mine, so I let her have cake (oh, that cake!) and made this peach frozen yogurt for my birthday. I used lime juice instead of lemon. It’s practically health food, but YUM.

Crusty no-knead bread is easy to make but incredibly satisfying with its crackling crust and soft, chewy inside - perfect with a swipe of salty honey butter!

3.// I’m slowly updating (old, embarrassing) iPhone 4 + fluorescent kitchen lights pictures from the blog’s early days! I posted some of my very favorite recipes back then, and it’s fun to see them looking shiny and new and delicious. Most recently, I forced myself to make (and consume, in less than 24 hours) 2 loaves of this crusty no-knead bread so I could take new pictures. I’ll probably have to start working on the Christmas cookies soon. Life is so hard.

4.// My girls were happy to help eat the bread, but they decided they don’t like honey butter – and would prefer to have their bread buttered…with honey. KIDS ARE SO WEIRD. Please tell me yours are as weird as mine.

5.// I’m working on some fun thiiiings! Eeek! Blog projects tend to take me forever since sometimes I lay on my couch and watch Food Network Star and Tiny House Hunters or read (just finished Jojo Moyes’ new book, The Horse Dancer! So good!) instead of working on them – but hopefully I’ll be able to share them with you soon. Please tell me what I should read next!!

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