Food for Thought #6: March.

1.// Have you tried Yummly yet since I said a lot of words about it? :o)

2.// New recipe successes from March: we loved this one pan rotisserie flavored chicken on potato gratin from RecipeTin Eats SO much. The potatoes get an amazing top crust from the chicken juices, and they taste super decadent even though it’s just regular milk and some Parmesan cheese. We thought it was a bit salty, so next time I would use 1 teaspoon of salt in the potato part. This is a must-try, though!

rotisserie style chicken on scalloped potatoes from RecipeTin Eats

I also made a lemon blueberry cake from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe for Easter and it made me really happy! Kind of pound cake-y, and that whipped lemon cream cheese frosting is LEGIT. I made it in a 9×13 pan (with 2/3 of the icing recipe) rather than layers, because laziness.

3.// Do you do Meatless Monday (or any other day of the week)? Baking Mischief has a huge round-up of Meatless Monday recipes – one for every week of the year! There’s a Bet On Dinner favorite in the mix, too. :o) Check it out for some vegetarian inspiration! (While you’re there, you might want to check out these thin mint cupcakes. Want.)


4.// Still going hard with the daily kale salad. Fortunately, spinning salad greens is the ultimate toddler kitchen job (slash full body workout)!

salad spinning guru

5.// When you have a blog, you get a ton of spam comments. I have a helpful filter that catches almost everything, but I scan through them every few days to make sure none of your actual comments got caught in the filter, which happens sometimes. This month my poor site has been spammed SO HARD by a jewelry company that specializes in oddly specific jewelry. If you need some German Shepherd bling or a Harry Potter Snitch Watch, I have a resource for you. ;o)

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  1. I am missing something , how do I get the recipe?

  2. Hey Sharon! I recently had an update on my blog that made some unexpected changes I’m still catching up with. One of them is that links are no longer underlined, they turn a light gray that is REALLY hard to see! If you click on the words “one pan rotisserie flavored chicken on potato gratin” in the post above the picture it will take you to the recipe on RecipeTin Eats blog! I’m working to catch and figure out how to correct it so it underlines links like it used to so it’s a little more clear. Hope that helps!

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