Homemade Applesauce.

Homemade applesauce is thick, naturally sweet, and intensely apple-y in a way that grainy, watery, artificially sweetened store-bought sauce can't compete with!

Homemade applesauce has become a hobby an addiction a passion of mine. Every few weeks I buy a 15 lb box of “scratch and dent” apples, and it sits on the counter for 3 days while I squirm and wish it didn’t exist. Why did I saddle myself with all these apples aGAIN? But then…I finally tackle it, and as I wash the apples their gleaming, shiny skins start improving my mood.
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Apple Cake.

I’m not immune to pumpkin fever this time of year. I made a double batch of pumpkin bread last week (why yes, that is 4 loaves) and it was glorious. But you know what else can give you all the happy cinnamon-spicy fall feelings? Apples. In many forms…applesauceapple pie dip with cinnamon sugar pita chips…and especially, especially, apple cake. Continue reading “Apple Cake.”

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Smothered Maple Turkey Burgers (with caramelized onions & apples).

smothered maple turkey burger

So – turkey burgers. They’re a fairly polarizing food, I’ve found. In fact, I used to be on the “wait, why isn’t this beef?” team. My 6th-grade self is rather infamous with good family friends for being appalled to discover the burger I was served at their house was made of – turkey. I had honestly never heard of or imagined such a thing, and I just couldn’t get over it (or, you know, politely eat it. Sorry about that, guys!). But along with mushrooms, pesto, and Brussels sprouts, my adult palate has expanded to include turkey burgers, and we eat them regularly. (Not true for mayonnaise, raw broccoli, or sushi – I just – I can’t.) Continue reading “Smothered Maple Turkey Burgers (with caramelized onions & apples).”

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Apple Pie Dip and Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips.

apple pie dip and cinnamon sugar pita chips

Having a three-year-old has really cramped my snacking style helped me to make healthier snack choices. It’s just a lot harder to sneak things than it used to be! That means I generally only snack at designated times, and I eat something I’m willing to give her. So I’m very glad when there’s a big bowl of cinnamon-y apples in the fridge!

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