Homemade Applesauce.

Homemade applesauce is thick, naturally sweet, and intensely apple-y in a way that grainy, watery, artificially sweetened store-bought sauce can't compete with!

Homemade applesauce has become a hobby an addiction a passion of mine. Every few weeks I buy a 15 lb box of “scratch and dent” apples, and it sits on the counter for 3 days while I squirm and wish it didn’t exist. Why did I saddle myself with all these apples aGAIN? But then…I finally tackle it, and as I wash the apples their gleaming, shiny skins start improving my mood.
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Homemade Spaghettios.

Awhile ago, I made a recipe category for “faster-than-fast-food” meals, and promised that I was going to fill ‘er up. As it turns out, I might’ve made things a little too strict (shock-er, I know) with all the must-start-from-scratch and dishes-count-as-time-spent rules. Homemade spaghettios might break that rule, but it’s BARELY more clean-up than a box of mac and cheese, and that HAS to fit the category, right?? Continue reading “Homemade Spaghettios.”

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How to Feed a Super Picky Eater (tips for toddlers from a mom who’s been there).

how to feed a super picky eater - tips for toddlers from a mom who's been there

As I was writing a list of tips for feeding one-year-olds, I found myself thinking about situations where a toddler’s pickiness and preferences become a major struggle. I asked my many-talented friend Rachel what advice she would give to parents of a super picky eater, and I LOVE the tips and encouragement she shared. Here’s her story:

I have an intense relationship with food, in that I think about it, plan for it, anticipate it, and LOVE it way more than a human being should. I associate food with family, fellowship, and fun. No celebration is complete without it, and when anyone that I love is sad, sick, or even just stressed, FOOD is my own answer to the question “What can I do to help?” So, I was completely flabbergasted when my son (my second child) came along, and hated everything that had ANYthing to do with food. Continue reading “How to Feed a Super Picky Eater (tips for toddlers from a mom who’s been there).”

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10 Tips for Feeding a One-Year-Old.

10 Tips for Feeding a One-Year-Old

My one-year-old is so big these days. She’s really almost 14 months and she’s awesome. She likes to carry All The Things around with her, laugh heartily whenever anyone else is laughing, and give hugs where she wraps both arms around your neck and squeeeezes and presses her face against your face (best.hugs.ever.). This is one of my favorite ages…so much more independent, but you can tell yourself they’re still a baby and it’s still kind of true. :o) Continue reading “10 Tips for Feeding a One-Year-Old.”

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How I Make Baby Food (and stay sane): 9 Months.

It’s time for a baby food update (here’s the 6 months post if you missed it)! We are officially in the finger food phase, and it rocks. (For my girls, picking food up and feeding it to themselves seems to be endlessly entertaining, and they’ve been pretty receptive to a variety of foods and textures. I know that I’m probably spoiled in this area!) Continue reading “How I Make Baby Food (and stay sane): 9 Months.”

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How I Make Baby Food (and stay sane): 6 months

homemade baby food

This is not a post to tell you what to feed your baby, or to toot my baby food making horn. But I’m in the midst of the pureed food stage with my youngest, and have learned a few things that are making my life easier this time around. So – if you want to make baby food at home, read on! Continue reading “How I Make Baby Food (and stay sane): 6 months”

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