Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Truffle Cups.

Two-ingredient chocolate mousse truffle cups are a rich, intensely dark chocolate experience!

For a dessert that’s only two ingredients, I sure had a hard time naming this one. An intensely chocolatey concoction of coconut milk + deep dark chocolate, chocolate mousse truffle cups are mousse-ish, but not fluffy, and truffle-like, but you can eat it with a spoon. I don’t really care what you call it, but if you need a quick, easy, make-ahead dessert for Valentine’s Day (or any day) – this is it! Continue reading “Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Truffle Cups.”

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Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Flax Granola Bars.

Chewy chocolate peanut butter flax granola bars taste like a candy bar, but are full of healthy ingredients!

These chocolate peanut butter flax granola bars bring me great joy. They taste a lot like a candy bar, but they’re full of healthy stuff (oats! flax! nuts!) and aren’t nearly as indulgent as that blanket of chocolate makes them look. They’re chewy, peanut buttery, sweet and salty, and I keep running out of the ingredients because I can’t.stop.making.them. Continue reading “Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Flax Granola Bars.”

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Salted Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bark.

Salted dark chocolate pumpkin seed bark is the perfect crunchy bite to satisfy your fall sweet tooth!

I think it’s a food blog rule that you have to post “pumpkin something” the first week of fall. But I already shared my favorite, favorite pumpkin bread…and last year I skipped pumpkin completely and brought you this perfectly dense, cinnamon-y apple cake. So now we have salted dark chocolate pumpkin seed bark…and oh my word. It’s addictive. Continue reading “Salted Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bark.”

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Chocolate Cake (aka The Birthday Cake).

chocolate cake with chocolate icing

I’ve always loved to bake, and a few years ago I decided to part ways with cake mixes. I mean, making a cake from scratch has to taste better, right? Um, not necessarily. I’ve tried a lot of recipes and while they’ve all been “good” in the “I’m eating chocolate cake” sense, I haven’t always loved the texture, or the taste was unexciting. But this – this is by far the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made – and maybe ever had?? It’s so moist, so chocolatey, so light and fluffy, and it makes the perfect birthday cake. My four-year-old had it for her 3rd birthday…then we made it again for her half birthday (yes, we make half a cake for half birthdays around here), and her 4th birthday, and we just made it for my mom’s birthday! It’s pretty beloved around here. Continue reading “Chocolate Cake (aka The Birthday Cake).”

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Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.

chocolate chip granola bars

I love to bake, but lack the self-control to have homemade sweets around on a regular basis. (Oh, I’m in the kitchen, it must be time for a snack to hack off another piece of this cake/snitch another cookie/try not to let the kids see that I’m chewing something….)  That’s why I’m so into zucchini snack cake and breakfast cookies, since they’re healthier (lower in sugar and more filling, at least!) but still fun to bake. When I mentioned my granola-bar-making woes, one of my readers pointed me to these chocolate chip granola bars from Weelicious (thank you, Lindsay, from the bottom of my heart!), and I’ve been making them ever since! Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.”

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Flourless Chocolate Chip Zucchini Snack Cake.

flourless chocolate chip zucchini snack cake

A friend recently posted a picture of their kids eating something chocolate cake-y for breakfast. And said it contained vegetables. Obviously, I immediately wanted to have some in front of me. Now I’ve made it twice, and my three-year-old is It’s flourless, only a few ingredients, full of zucchini, and super tasty – definitely a winner! Continue reading “Flourless Chocolate Chip Zucchini Snack Cake.”

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Cookie Dough Truffles (Christmas Cookie Week).

 **This post is brought to you by my lovely sister, Laurie!**

Once upon a time, I was at a potluck supper and found myself walking past the dessert table on my way to the end of a long buffet line. I snagged a little round chocolate something and took a bite… and found myself with a little nugget of chocolate chip cookie dough dipped in chocolate! Part of me wanted to tell everyone in line about this amazing little treat, but the rest of me wanted there to still be some left when I went through the dessert line for real! I have been looking for an excuse to make these Cookie Dough Truffles ever since. Christmas Cookie Week seems like a good time. (Cookie dough qualifies it as an acceptable recipe, right?!) I’ll be packaging these up as gifts for my boys’ teachers–that is, if we don’t eat them all ourselves!

Continue reading “Cookie Dough Truffles (Christmas Cookie Week).”

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Chocolate Chess Pie (and the easiest pie crust ever!)

a wedge of chocolate chess pie

I love treats. Love ’em. I have a Pinterest board with 154 mouth-watering treats pinned on it, and I want to eat all of them. Like Apple-Spice Layer Cake with Caramel Swirl Icing. Or a Giant Oatmeal Creme Pie.  Or Chocolate and Coconut Cream Pie Bars. And maybe one day I’ll make them (I mean – did you look at them? YUM.) But here’s the thing…in about 45 minutes, with ingredients I always have in my pantry and fridge, I can make and be eating one of my very favorite desserts – chocolate chess pie. Chocolate chess pie is dense, dark, chocolatey heaven with a crackly, brownie-ish top, and when it’s served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it’s everything I want a treat to be. Continue reading “Chocolate Chess Pie (and the easiest pie crust ever!)”

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