Pan-Seared Fish with Lime & Basil.

Pan-seared mahi-mahi with lime and basil in a cast iron skillet

You guyssss! I have been a fish-cooking failure for YEARS. I would get all, “We need to eat more fish around here!” and then I would make terrible, sad fish (I mean, once it managed to be both dry and mushy?! #how), and feel like I wasted all the dollars, and be afraid to try again for a long time. But I’ve been making this pan-seared fish with lime and basil for the last few months and it’s one of the fastest things I make, AND ALL MY KIDS LIKE IT. (They ask for seconds!! I think the only other protein my people ask for seconds of is hotdogs…and, I’m sorry, but you’re 3 and I’m cutting you off at one hotdog. But you can have as much fish as you want!) So in a way, it feels miraculous, but it’s also tender and flaky fish with a crispy top and little puddles of melted, nutty butter with tangy lime and basil, so maybe that’s not really such a surprise after all. Continue reading “Pan-Seared Fish with Lime & Basil.”

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