Fresh Cranberry Bread.

A thick slice of moist fresh cranberry bread, bursting with tart berries, and slathered with butter.

Moist, sweet, tender bread stuffed full of bright, tart cranberries – this is the most festive little loaf! Who wouldn’t want a slice for breakfast? Or a snack? Or as a bribe to make your children eat fun dinner component? I love holiday baking, but so many of my favorites require individual rolling of cookies (like gingersnaps), or individual rolling plus not-one-but-two powdered sugar dustings (see Russian tea cookies) or individual rolling plus a melted chocolate dunk (see cookie dough truffles) <–all 100%, utterly worth the effort, btw. I’m thrilled to add something to the lineup that you can stir with a whisk and even make ahead and freeze! Fresh cranberry bread would make a great gift for neighbors or friends, too. Continue reading “Fresh Cranberry Bread.”

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Whole Wheat Cinnamon Chip Muffins.

These one-bowl whole wheat cinnamon chip muffins are tender and coffeecake-y, packed full of sweet cinnamon chips - a perfect easy breakfast or lunchbox treat!

I realize it’s only my first month of having a kindergartner, so I’m probably not allowed to whine about packing lunches yet, but let’s just say it’s a Hard Job. Why don’t we have any bread? Why do we have bread but she doesn’t want a sandwich? Why, one of those times when we didn’t have any bread, did I make noodles with parmesan cheese (literally: just noodles and parmesan cheese) and unwittingly set the standard against which all future lunches would be measured and found wanting? Continue reading “Whole Wheat Cinnamon Chip Muffins.”

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French Toast.

A french toast recipe that takes really simple ingredients and makes them all shine for a perfect breakfast treat.

As much as I love pancakes…and was just this month yammering on about waffles…French toast is my favorite. The inside turns soft and almost custardy, while the crust of the bread gives each bite some structure and chew. But the best part is that golden, buttery-caramelized surface with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla! Continue reading “French Toast.”

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Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Pumpkin white chocolate chip muffins are moist and cakey, warmly spiced, and studded with white chocolate chips for extra sweetness.

When we lived in Raleigh, one of my favorite places to meet a friend was Sola Coffee. I’m not a big coffee drinker (and a girl can only justify a Sola Shake on special occasions), so my favorite thing to get on a “coffee” date was the pumpkin white chocolate chip muffin. And then I found out those moist, delicious muffins were really from Great Harvest (which was both good and bad, since I went there every week or so for bread and I suddenly started doing my bread run on Tuesdays, aka pumpkin white chocolate chip muffin day). Continue reading “Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip Muffins.”

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Healthy Banana Applesauce Muffins.

Healthy banana applesauce muffins are light, fluffy, and whole wheat!

Confession: shortly after I posted this whole wheat banana bread recipe, I tried another, similar recipe from Cookie & Kate – and I liked it a teeny bit better. So with a slightly guilty conscience, I kinda sorta switched to usually making that one. Continue reading “Healthy Banana Applesauce Muffins.”

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Bran Muffins.

tender yet textured bran muffins for breakfast

Healthy, whole-grain bran muffins are tender yet textured, get a burst of sweetness from raisins, and have a secret ingredient!

Pssst! You can hop back over to this post to see who won The Kindness Antennae giveaway!

These bran muffins are one of my favorite breakfasts – slash morning snack, slash muffins all day, e’ryday. They’re very tender, but they also have good chewy texture, and they’re pleasantly whole-grainy without being dense/boring/dry. The muffins themselves are lightly sweet, and the raisins add an extra little burst (oh, they’re optional, haters). The fiber makes them hearty and filling, and they freeze well! Plus, there’s a secret ingredient!! Continue reading “Bran Muffins.”

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Whole Wheat Banana Bread.

Breakfast is my four-year-old’s least favorite meal of the day. She has her mom’s grumpy reaction to low blood sugar (sorry, kiddo – and if you’re reading between the lines, that makes two of us who aren’t much fun before breakfast). Instead of being eager to eat one of the Many! Delicious! Choices! I offer her, she can tailspin into a mode where she doesn’t want anything. Even though part of me wants to insist that oatmeal and toast are just what life has to offer for breakfast most days, I love how much smoother our morning is when there are breakfast cookies/muffins/things that are not oatmeal or toast around, because as soon as she gets some calories she’s a rather delightful kid.  Continue reading “Whole Wheat Banana Bread.”

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First Taste: Copycat Outback Bread.

slicing outback bread

I made a pot of this ham, potato, and corn chowder (incidentally, I made it without ham – and no one missed it, because bacon), and my initial plan was to make a batch of no-knead bread to go with it. When I was getting out the ingredients, though, I noticed a box of vital wheat gluten that I bought like 6 months ago when Mel from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe (<–one of my favorite food blogs!!) posted this recipe for a similar-to-Outback sweet molasses bread. (Actually, I noticed it the other day when our one-year-old raided that cabinet and ripped the box open. She also wandered by me with a pilfered tortilla chip recently. The natives are restless and they’re getting bolder.) Continue reading “First Taste: Copycat Outback Bread.”

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First Taste: Fresh Corn Cornbread.

a cast iron skillet of fresh corn cornbread

I read a lot of food blogs, and therefore I see a lot of recipes I would love to try see appear in front of me immediately. Sometimes it’s just eye candy, or I pin it to one of my Pinterest boards and maybe make it eventually. But sometimes I just can’t get a new recipe out of my head, and I clear a spot in my weekly meal plan and make it ASAP! Continue reading “First Taste: Fresh Corn Cornbread.”

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