Shortcut Burrito Bowls.

Shortcut burrito bowls are great for busy weeknights, since they can be on the table in minutes thanks to some easy time-savers!

I really wanted to name these “shorty-shorty-shortcut burrito bowls” or something that more eloquently celebrates how many corners you can cut and still have a really good, healthy dinner. We’re trying to plan ahead for quality family time since Jay’s schedule gets a little crazy this time of year, and we decided that Wednesdays we’ll do an easy, early dinner and the beach. This was the perfect meal to get us out the door in record time! (Okay, that’s a lie, it still took us 100 years to get out the door, but that wasn’t dinner’s fault. It was more the putting on of suits and changing of diapers and forgetting of sunglasses and searching for flip-flops and general disorganized corralling of excited kids. Maybe I need some sort of sheepdog to help with this process?) Continue reading “Shortcut Burrito Bowls.”

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Burrito Bowls (The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing, Make-Ahead, Freezer-Friendly Party Meal – Part 2).

Burrito bowls are the ultimate crowd-pleasing, make-ahead, freezer-friendly party meal!

If you read Part 1, then you know that crispy, rich, tasty pork carnitas are a key component to The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing, Make-Ahead, Freezer-Friendly Party Meal. This post is devoted to the rest of it – the elements that make a meal that can satisfy just about anyone’s tastes and dietary preferences. You are channeling Chipotle, and you’re going to make a lot of tummies very happy. Continue reading “Burrito Bowls (The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing, Make-Ahead, Freezer-Friendly Party Meal – Part 2).”

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Brown Rice in the Oven.

perfectly cooked, perfectly easy brown rice in the oven

Maybe you’re awesome and you can cook rice on the stovetop without it boiling over and/or sticking to the bottom of the pot and/or turning out wet since it didn’t absorb all the water, but for some reason this is a skill that escapes me. Or at least, it escaped me five years ago when I learned the oven method, and I have never looked back. After maybe five minutes of prep, the rice goes in the oven and you don’t have to think about it again until you pull it out, perfectly and beautifully cooked every.single.time. Continue reading “Brown Rice in the Oven.”

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