Easy Lemon Vinaigrette.

A big bowl of salad with a jar of golden lemon vinaigrette dressing

Jay and I are attempting a Whole30(ish)/paleo/just say no to bread and sugar life (in exchange for a life that included a lot of ice cream). We started the day after Christmas so we could be ahead of all y’all with your resolutions. 😉 I’m an admitted salad non-enthusiast (except possibly as a vehicle for lots of croutons #caesarforlife)…but every once in awhile I meet one that I crave instead of just tolerate. It’s a short list: citrus kale salad, this yummy sweet onion dressing, and now we can add easy lemon vinaigrette to the lineup. It has a little garlic and a little heat, and a lot of light fresh lemon flavor. So, so good! Continue reading “Easy Lemon Vinaigrette.”

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