Baked Sweet Potatoes.

perfect baked sweet potato

It feels a little silly to post a “recipe” for baked sweet potatoes. Like – poke some holes and stick ’em in the oven pretty much sums up the whole process. But if you’ve ever had the discouraging experience of baking potatoes for a dang long time only to discover that they’re still hard as rocks when the rest of your dinner is ready, you can appreciate this post! Continue reading “Baked Sweet Potatoes.”

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Roasted Sweet Potatoes (and Jalapeño Cheddar Turkey Burgers).

roasted sweet potatoes with turkey burger and guac @betondinner

I love to try new recipes, and one of my strategies is to pair something new with something familiar. This is both to ensure that there’s a friendly food on my three-year-old’s plate, and since new recipes can take more time and mental energy, it’s nice to have an easy, cooks-itself dish alongside.

…Like these roasted sweet potatoes! This is a Cook’s Illustrated recipe I’ve been making for years, and I love how simple it is to get such delicious results. We eat a ton of sweet potatoes, all different ways, but this might be my favorite.

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