Veggie-Packed Taco Bowls with Roasted Sweet Potatoes. (Whole30 approved!)

A veggie-packed taco bowl with roasted sweet potatoes and slices of avocado

A couple of weeks ago, I dabbled in the Whole30. (If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free way of eating, and the goal is to help you to understand how different foods make you feel.) I have a ton of respect for people who commit and do it – I’m probably never going there, but I dipped my toes in and at the very least, I’m still doing a weird thing wherein I eat a big salad for breakfast a few times a week, and taco bowls with roasted sweet potatoes were born! Continue reading “Veggie-Packed Taco Bowls with Roasted Sweet Potatoes. (Whole30 approved!)”

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Crunchy Black Bean Tacos.

crunchy black bean tacos

I should probably be sharing a Thanksgiving-y recipe, but at this point in my life I can only show you what we’ve been eating, and we haven’t eaten Thanksgiving dinner yet. So, black bean tacos it is!

Really, though, these lightly spicy, crispy, crunchy black bean tacos are the perfect thing to cook and eat in the wake of turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes. It’s so not those flavors, and it comes together with barely any prep or mess! One cutting board, one bowl, one pan. And you can totally make the bean mixture (which doesn’t even have to be cooked!) ahead of time, which is one of my favorite features in a meal!

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