Flourless Chocolate Chip Zucchini Snack Cake.

flourless chocolate chip zucchini snack cake

A friend recently posted a picture of their kids eating something chocolate cake-y for breakfast. And said it contained vegetables. Obviously, I immediately wanted to have some in front of me. Now I’ve made it twice, and my three-year-old is in.love. It’s flourless, only a few ingredients, full of zucchini, and super tasty – definitely a winner! Continue reading “Flourless Chocolate Chip Zucchini Snack Cake.”

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Italian Zucchini Boats.

zucchini boats loaded with Nana's spaghetti sauce and parmesan and ready for the oven

We recently visited my mom while our house was on the market (remember my trolls?), and she made these yummy zucchini boats for dinner! If you haven’t made Nana’s Spaghetti Sauce yet, you need to make a batch. I love having a couple of containers of it in the freezer, and zucchini boats are a fun alternative to eating the sauce over pasta, and perfect for a lighter meal! Continue reading “Italian Zucchini Boats.”

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