The Gift of Popcorn.

In my lovely planner, where lots of plans take place, I had jotted a note to myself about putting together a “gift ideas” post. And yet here I am, the week-before-Christmas-week, with a gift idea, singular! Yay?

This is a microwave popcorn popper by Nordic Ware, and I just love it. Popcorn is a whole grain, and when whole grains can be salty and crunchy and delicious it makes me really happy! “They” say that the bags of microwave popcorn may not be the best things for our health, and the good news is that this is absolutely just as easy to use. And it definitely pays for itself over time – popcorn kernels are super cheap to buy!

the popcorn popper at work

You really just pour in some unpopped kernels – this is 1/3 of a cup – and microwave it for about 3 minutes (this will vary depending on your microwave). You have a bowl of fluffy popcorn waiting to be unhealthified dressed up however you like! I personally go with a tablespoon of real melted butter and a big sprinkle of kosher salt, but you do you when it comes to popcorn. (Note that the popper bowl does get hot in the microwave, but I find that by the time I add my toppings it’s cooled down enough to eat from!)

This Nordic Ware popper is such an easy gift! Check your Target first (you can see if it’s in stock online) because it’s only $9 there, or you can get it from Amazon for $15. Stick in a bag of popcorn (mine from Trader Joe’s cost all of $2) to be fancy, and you can literally give this to anyone – your neighbor? Father-in-law? Babysitter? Sister? Coworker? Is there anything more versatile than the gift of popcorn??

And seriously, there are almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon, so don’t take my word for it. (Click the picture below to see it on Amazon!)

And this concludes Bet On Dinner’s 2015 Christmas Gift Guide. ;o)

**Please note that this post contains an affiliate link, which means that Amazon gives me a small commission if you buy through my link. I appreciate it, since it helps me continue to share my favorite recipes (and ultra-fabulous gift guides) at no cost to you!

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  1. This is the best Christmas Gift Guide I’ve read this season. And I meant that to be facetious, but actually it really is true that you could give literally ANYONE this gift. So actually I mean it literally, too.

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